Past Scenes

Carta a um Santo
61st Production
Premiere: 12/10/2012

ACTA - Carta a um Santo ACTA - Carta a um Santo ACTA - Carta a um Santo ACTA - Carta a um Santo ACTA - Carta a um Santo ACTA - Carta a um Santo ACTA - Carta a um Santo

Tour: Loulé, Portimão, Olhão, Lagoa, Faro, Almada, Coimbra, Évora

The show is based on a letter from the woman with whom St Augustine lived before choosing to depart from the human love to surrender to divine love. Floria, a former lover and mother of the illegitimate child of both criticism and questions Augustine vehemently and fearlessness, with irony and despair, for he considered despicable in the eyes of the Creator joys of physical love.

"Letter to a Ghost" is the dramatization of a document - "Life is Short" by Jostein Gaarder - presented to us in the epistolary form, peppered with brief quotations contained in another document emanating from the recipient of the first - "Confessions "St. Augustine, and also references various kinds - some clear and direct, others in the form of allusions and insinuations - assigned to the same recipient.
The work done in dramaturgical plan was to concentrate the bulk of direct speech, in the way that we have chosen to follow closely the citations. We expand them in order to densify the conflict, and to support the second document cited above and also in philosophical plane, a third document - "Augustine," Teixeira of Pascoaes. The dialogic feature of dramatic conflict and the order in which it is suggested in the first document, as well as its operation Scenic, was previously fixed to the tests, but during those suffered several fragmentations and intercessions with regard to the logical sequence of ideas for clarity of speech of both characters involved. This is to say that only in the text part of the show coincides with the original text - the first document of.

Project funded by Programa Operacional ALGARVE21