Past Scenes

George Dandin
49th Production
Premiere: 06/11/2009

ACTA - George Dandin ACTA - George Dandin ACTA - George Dandin

Tour: Portimão, Tavira, Albufeira, Loulé, Lagos, Vila Real de Sto. António, Olhão, Lagoa, Faro, Coimbra

Apparently this is just a hilarious comedy of manners, whose plot is based on the schemes of a young woman to deceive her husband. However, the plot has the harbinger of the French Revolution as background, and therefore, it is not a mere comedy of manners. And this aspect, in our opinion absolutely fundamental, was what led Marx to study the text of Molière and to mention it as a model document in regard to the analysis of class alliance; and it leads us to stage it in a contemporary perspective in terms of its internal conflicts.

Press highlight

‘(…) the direction of Luís Vicente is based on a minimalistic set and in the rigor of the actors work. (…) We’re already used to the rigor of ACTA’s cast and to the way in which they commit themselves to the personification of a character. The speech is irreprehensible and contributes for a clear reading of the musicality the show has. (…) It’s a clean and sober show, in which the rigor of acting is highlighted by the good taste in choosing the wardrobe, designed by Alice Alves. A XVII century text that invites you to think about the human condition.’
Ana Oliveira, Jornal do Algarve, 05/11/09

‘To the well-known dramatic French genius, is added a quite original performance and pertinent stage direction by Luís Vicente.’
Hugo Rodrigues, Barlavento, 05/11/09