Past Scenes

Zoo Story
10th Production
Premiere: 06/04/2000

ACTA - Zoo Story ACTA - Zoo Story ACTA - Zoo Story

Tour: Albufeira, Vila Real de Sto. António

Peter is an ordinary citizen; married, with two daughters, two cats and two parakeets - a good soul; Jerry is an outlaw, but not an ordinary outlaw: he is educated and has an extremely critical point of view about the world in general, and about everything surrounding him in particular. These two men meet in a park (Central Park) or a theatre room, or… in any case, a zoo. They develop a dense conversation, unpredictable and tumultuous that will lead one of them towards the condition of a murderer and the other towards the condition of a victim – or both towards both conditions. We are in the domain of the theatre of the absurd’ written by the quill of Edward Albee, one of the most charismatic playwrights of the genre, and, according to Tenesse Williams, ‘the greatest dramaturge America has ever produced’.

Press highlight

‘ACTA is the first great imaginative “revolution” of the XXI century in this region.’
Carlos Ferreira, Magazine do Algarve, May 2000

‘The artistic quality of the company and the seriousness of its project have been subject to reference among the critics of the speciality, and are also accounted as the reason why the public is more interested in its performances and in theatre in general.’
Expresso “Revista Algarves”, 12/08/00