Past Scenes

MULHER mulheres
9th Production
Premiere: 24/03/2000

ACTA - MULHER mulheres ACTA - MULHER mulheres ACTA - MULHER mulheres

Tour: Faro, Vila Real de Sto. António, Albufeira, Tavira, Loulé, Tomar, Portimão

It’s a show where to humour and irony we added to the rawness of the texts about the relation between men and women, and the issues around equal opportunities. The texts are particularly insidious regarding the accusation of the idiosyncrasies of the patriarchal societies. These three short stories will certainly contribute to a well-disposed reflection around the female condition, honouring Franca Rame’s words: ‘We’ve been crying for two thousand years. Let’s now laugh, laugh at ourselves.

Press highlight

‘(…) judging by the quality and actuality of the texts, it was a winning bet from the beginning, to which were added two beautiful actresses, Glória Fernandes and Maria João, who, with brilliance and proficiency, strolled around the texts, played with sentences, and that enjoyment was clear to us, toyed with words, smiled, shouted, screamed and enchanted by themselves alone.’
Ana Músico, Algarve Mais, Dezembro 2000